Our advanced models and technology help us to complete reliable valuations with prompt turnaround

Valuation is the foundation of strategic and financial decisions for banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, construction companies, developers, investors, fund and estate managers and many more.  To this end, as economic conditions change in Cyprus, Greece and Europe, the more relevant the in-depth real estate analysis becomes.

Our expert real estate valuation desk provides informed, market-facing, independent advice on all property types (with a specialisation in income-producing assets, i.e. hotels, tourist resorts, airports, golf courses, marinas, etc) and a whole range of property interests, from one-off valuations to portfolio valuations.

What sets Delfi Partners Real Estate (DPRE) apart is the independence and attention to detail of our analysis and advice.  We are able to draw on the resources of our international associates, with localised knowledge across Cyprus and Greece, employing consistent European Valuation Standards (EVS) and processes. Thus, we are in the position to value large residential and commercial portfolios quickly anywhere in Cyprus and mainland Europe.

The Company employs Chartered Accountants, Chartered Surveyors, Bankers, Economists, Engineers, and Town Planners, and is thus capable of handling complex projects that demand a multi-faceted approach and skill set. Delfi Partners Real Estate division is ‘Regulated by RICS’ providing confidence to customers and the markets. The services offered are as follows:

- Valuation Reviews & Audits & Due Diligence Analysis
- Portfolio Valuations
- Capitalisation Rate Consultation
- Bankruptcy/Foreclosure Support
- Discounted Cash Flow Analysis & Highest and Best Use Studies
- Expert Witness Services & Litigation Support
- Financial Tax and Reporting Services & Going Concern Valuations
- Insurance Valuation & Site Inspections
- Sale Lease-Backs & Option Valuations
- Lease vs Purchase Analyses
- Net Lease Valuation

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