Strategic NPL Asset Optimisation & REOs Monetisation

Asset Management services for non-performing portfolios

Delfi Partners asset management specialises in providing value enhancing workout and optimisation strategies for distressed non-performing asset portfolios. Our expertise covers retail, SMEs and corporate loans and direct real estate owned-assets (REOs) held by financial institutions, funds, investors and more. Delfi Partners has a dedicated expert team that consists of experienced debt specialists, senior asset managers, investment banking analysts, real estate valuers, engineers and legal and accounting staff; all with extensive experience in recovery and asset management throughout European markets.

Delfi Partners Asset Management provides advice to financial institutions and investors who are seeking to optimise their real estate assets on the balance sheet. We understand how business strategy, accounting, tax, and property interface and we are able to translate the language of each discipline back to our Clients. We deliver higher returns by reducing operating costs and enhancing the value of your real estate assets. Our integrated approach allows you to reduce risk, attract and retain strategic tenants and enhance value. Our core services include:

  • REOs Optimisation, Management & Disposal: Delfi Partners develops management, optimisation and disposal strategies for liquid and illiquid real estate-owned (REOs) assets for financial institutions and investors. Combining banking and real estate expertise, we assist customers to review and understand their asset portfolios creating value enhancing strategies for asset and/or portfolio disposals (turnkey solution covering physical asset reviews and data analytics through our groundbreaking Delfi Analytics Databank).
  • Strategy & Management: Realignment of the corporate real estate strategy to match the business strategy in relation to the balance sheet, profit and loss and working capital.
  • Real Estate Asset Recovery: Delfi Partners develops recovery strategies for non-performing loan portfolios backed by real estate assets.
  • Real Estate Structuring: We provide the full range of corporate and capital raising services, together with non-discretionary investment advice for individual properties, portfolios and indirect ownership services.
  • Sale & Leaseback Strategy: Development of compliant structures to suit business needs whilst aligning investors understanding to expedite transactions.

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