Transaction Planning & Structuring

Our transaction analysts take a strategic, data-driven approach to real estate asset management

Delfi Partners transaction management team will strategically manage your asset base to provide transaction support helping you achieve business goals and improve the productivity of your asset portfolio. We will get to know your business goals first, then align our performance targets with them.

With our strategic guidance and the right market and portfolio data, you can get a foothold in rising sectors before your competitors. We will be your partner in making efficient, smart decisions that optimise your portfolio and enhance the way your assets (performing or non-performing) contribute to core business, disposing portfolios of assets, even in the most illiquid markets with no-depth.

Our focus is on driving down costs and increasing flexibility. Acting on your behalf, we ensure that transactions are executed consistently and introduce governance standards to reduce your risk.

Applying sophisticated transaction structuring techniques keeping in mind market specifics

We protect the interests of our Clients by proposing a variety of transaction arrangements between buyer and seller (e.g. conditional payments for the assets to be acquired). We apply the most sophisticated transaction structuring techniques, always keeping in mind the specifics of the market, and the local institutional and legal environment. Our expertise also includes advising on optimal ways of restructuring and/or reviewing the transaction documents. We also provide post-transaction assistance and to accompany integration and implementation in the new SPV structure. A list of the services provided as listed below:

  • Structure of consideration, including the debt & financial assumptions
  • Transaction management & administration of any number of assets acting on behalf of financial institutions, funds, governments, advisors (local & international), etc
  • Analysis of the transaction & financing options (local & international)
  • Consideration of “cash-in” clauses
  • Earn-out options
  • Break clauses
  • Optimum capital structure considerations
  • Buy-back options & other financial/ legal considerations
  • Net debt & working consideration targets
  • Size, structure & schedule of payments
  • Any special conditions between the buyer & seller

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