Corporate Performance Optimisation

Corporate Strategy & Performance Optimisation

Corporate strategy is all about setting the right future vision, mission, and organisation to continually re-invent corporate performance in the fast-changing markets. This requires strategic foresight to identify new opportunities and trends in existing businesses, and the ability to align the business portfolio accordingly, while also initiating activities that encourage innovation. A good corporate strategy not only provides a framework for governance, but also empowers those who must design and implement the strategy.

Because a typical corporate portfolio comprises more than one business, the corporate strategy must also establish the right business portfolio.

A corporate portfolio strategy often results in questions around M&A, organic growth, and divestures at the business unit level. Our extensive M&A experience – having performed more than 50 mergers and acquisitions in the past eight years allows us to advise our clients on all aspects of M&A, from target selection, due diligence, pre-merger planning, and post-merger integration. Strategic goals must drive mergers and acquisitions, but detailed industry knowledge, expertise in process improvements, and proficiency in value capture, are needed to make them pay off.

We partner with our clients to create practical, ‘real-world’ portfolio moves that deliver tangible value. We integrate multiple perspectives in our portfolio analysis:

  • Strategy (markets, competitive advantage, and competition)
  • Financials (actual and planned value creation)
  • Parenting advantage (corporate capabilities, transaction counterparties, fit with corporate identity, and vision)

We also derive alternative corporate-development options and assess their value-creation potential. And we ensure successful implementation by translating portfolio strategy into practical, strategic road maps that include performance goals, merger-and-acquisition priorities, financial policies, and investor communication.

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