Our Strategy advisors combine international expertise and best practises with deep market knowledge to deliver practical solutions

Delfi Partners advanced skills, knowledge and experience have helped clients in various industries to develop and adapt their business strategies. Our advisors provide creative solutions that combine our extensive knowledge and clear insights into how to create real value. We love our work and only define success by your results.

Our Strategy practice offers the following services:

  • Strategic Advisory & Planning: Our advisors work closely with senior management to help plan and implement their corporate strategies. The result of these collaborative efforts is an approach that ensures that strategies can be turned into tangible actions, led from the top, with clear accountabilities.
  • Business Development: We have helped businesses to develop scenarios to frame their strategic planning, as well as to perform market and technology assessments, redesign processes, develop appropriate governance, and redesign their organisational structures.
  • Corporate Strategy: Our extensive M&A experience allows us to advise our clients on all aspects of M&A, from target selection, due diligence, pre-merger planning, and post-merger integration.
  • Turnaround & Transformation: A tipping point is reached when the scale of work-force commitment to the transformation becomes self-replicating. Our turnaround approach focuses on the most important strategic, organisational, and financial levers in order to ensure a comprehensive recovery.

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