Financial Modelling

Business & Financial Modelling

Evaluating a major bid, raising finance, acquiring or restructuring your business; adopting best practice techniques and quantitative analysis we develop modelling solutions to aid your decision-making process.

Whatever your situation, you will need your business and financial models to be relevant, reliable and robust. Corporations, investors and financial institutions are facing an increasingly risk-based environment, which brings added obligations for improved reporting of information and more robust and transparent analysis. Delfi Partners & Company, can provide 'spreadsheet-based' financial models which are key to strategic and investment decisions.

Our modelling team can help you build custom-made business and financial models that are robust, accurate and easy-to-use, with clear reports to deliver tangible results. We review and test models to enhance their quality and reliability, improving the overall quality of decision-making or third-party confidence in the outputs. We also offer early stage “health checks”, contingent fee structures and offer a separate, non-subordinate duty of care to shareholders. We have established partnerships with the leading private/ institutional investors and financial institutions to aid their strategic decision-making process, especially when deciding to invest or disinvest from core and non-core assets. We provide robust tools that investors and corporates can trust.

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