Debt Re-engineering

Debt Management & Planning

Strategic planning & tailored debt rationalisation

For Delfi Partners & Company, debt restructuring plan demonstrates to your lenders a deep working knowledge of the levers available to steer the business. This is a detailed, compelling, strategic and long-term plan with a range of assumptions and sensitivities which can be presented to lenders and other key players.

We offer a bespoke service, investing the time with customers (both private individuals and corporates) to fully understand their unique aspirations and requirements. Following the preparation of an individually tailored strategy proposal, Delfi Partners debt advisory works closely with clients in negotiating facilities (loans of all types including foreign currency loans, overdrafts, structured facilities, etc) and agreeing terms and conditions with both current and prospective lenders.

Our partner-led team remains fully involved through to completion. Our team includes seasoned corporate bankers and financiers with considerable experience in preparing and assessing bank credit applications and debt restructuring plans, giving our clients invaluable advantage when securing a re-negotiation of existing banking terms or the presentation of a refinancing proposal to prospective new lenders.

Our practical analytical skills will support a full review of the collateralised (or non) assets to identify all potential costs and liquidity generating opportunities. Our hands-on experience in capturing these strategic opportunities in an effective and timely manner helps support the overall restructuring goals while simultaneously evaluating and managing away from potential risks.

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