Corporate Planning

Business Planning

Creative & practical business planning approach

Whether you need a business plan for internal planning, to obtain debt financing through a loan or to get private equity capital - Delfi Partners can assist. We work closely with you to understand your vision and goals. Even if most clients hire us to ‘write/formulate’ a business plan for them they often find that the process they go through in developing that final business plan is more valuable than the actual report themselves.

Our business planning process is intense and collaborative. Although every case is different, a 'typical' business plan takes between 2-3 working weeks to complete. More complicated businesses (often involving new or unique technology, unusual or multiple revenue streams, or requiring large amounts of funding) may require additional time. This is particularly true with larger organisations where multiple stakeholders are involved: Board of Directors, Advisory Board, CEO, CFO, Director of Business Development, etc.

We question assumptions, perform independent research on the market and competition, and explore and propose alternative ways to market your product or service. We are business plan consultants, not just business plan writers.

If your business plan is to obtain capital, we will evaluate your plan from the viewpoint of a prospective investor or partner. Our experience allows us to quickly spot problems and fix them long before you meet with your first investor.

To do so, we provide you with a small team of dedicated business consultants who understand and care about your business.

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Feasibility Planning

Determining viability & defining targets effectively

One of the key components of our project methodology are detailed feasibility plans. These plans give our customers the opportunity to ‘test’ their project before they start. It also allows you to understand the impact your project will have on stakeholders, as well as identify timely programming and resource allocation. Our main objectives of our feasibility planning process are to:

  • Define the project’s real aims and objectives
  • Determine if the project is financially and operationally feasible in the first place
  • Discover and expose the risks associated with a project
  • Save you time, money/resources and give you the confidence that the specific project will be a success
  • Examine political/legal, social/cultural, economic, functional reasons for project conception
  • Review client’s corporate values & policies and identify ramifications
  • Set clearly definable & measurable targets
  • Develop a project specific feasibility analysis framework

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